Send Tweets using Arduino Ethernet [Updated Tutorial]

We have updated our ThingTweet Tutorial to cover the Arduino Ethernet and the new Arduino IDE (v1 and above). ThingTweet is a ThingSpeak App that allows you to send Twitter status updates via your Arduino microcontroller with an Ethernet shield or with Ethernet integrated onto one board. Our Arduino examples for ThingSpeak and ThingSpeak Apps have been moved to GitHub, so that you can easily download, modify, and contribute updates.

Slot Car Race Powered by Twitter

The community from RS Components created a Scalextric Slot Car Race that is powered by your tweets. Two cars went head-to-head last week with a live Twitter race between a red and blue car. The cars move based on the number of Tweets that included their hashtag. If you want the blue car to win, you needed to Tweet, “Go #RSBlueTeam”. The team wrote a web service like TweetControl that pulls in tweets from the Twitter Stream and distributes commands to an Arduino that controls the track. This is another great project that further demonstrates how social intersects with technology and marketing. Go Tweet Racer!

RS Components Twitter Race

[via Facebook]

TweetControl: Control Anything with Twitter

We are ready to release a new app for the ThingSpeak Platform! The new app is called TweetControl – this app listens to Twitter for hashtags (#awesome)  and allows you to control anything that you can imagine. TweetControl is a mash up of  “The Internet of Things” and social networking. Now that Twitter has a Streaming API, we were able to build a scalable service to control anything in real-time via a social network.

Imagine an “Easy Button” for Twitter. All you have to is Tweet a hashtag from your Twitter account to control anything that has a web service API.

TweetControl Sample Tweet

The applications for TweetControl are endless, and we are excited to see what you come up with. Check out the documentation for TweetControl to help you get started.