Internet of Things: Connected devices to save our resources

How will connected devices change our lives? We believe the future is going to be filled with connected devices and new applications will emerge. Everything from medical applications to energy management applications.

Just imagine what we can learn from all of our things? Maybe we can save resources as this article by Brian McCann suggests. He also mentions connecting things to ThingSpeak as the Web of Things is being built from the ground up! Our community of developers and users are growing by leaps and bounds and we will continue to contribute to the advancement of the Internet of Things!

Brian says,

The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects having an Internet presence. We’re not just talking about your computer, laptop, cellphone or even your TV here – we’re talking about everything. This includes your light switches, your fridge, even your toilet. With an Internet presence, all of your devices can start talking to each other and reacting to each other.

Internet of Things: Connected devices to save our resources

[via The Daily Gleaner]

Chestnut Farm Monitoring with ThingSpeak

On a Chestnut farm in New Zealand, you will find a bit of technology to help protect a bore pump. [Andrew] has created a pump monitor based on a PICAXE microcontroller, IR counter, and wireless connection to report the pump status remotely to ThingSpeak. He wanted to know if the pump was running too long and the only way to know definitively was to monitor the pump and save historical data. If the pump is running too long, the pump would be damaged and use more power than its fair share.

Chestnut Farm Bore Pump Monitoring with ThingSpeak

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ThingSpeak Shower Time Analysis with RFID and Arduino

[Paul Asselin] was curious to see how long he spent showering in an effort to reduce energy and resource consumption. Paul had a bunch of parts laying around, an Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Real-time Clock module, and an RFID reader. He decided to make a system that allows you to “check in” when you shower and upload the data for analysis to ThingSpeak.

ThingSpeak Showering Analysis and Resource Monitoring

Paul says,

I wanted to know how much time I was spending under the shower each day, especially in these environmentally conscious times. The benefits of that are that I can perhaps save some money on the water bills and also study the effect of temperature on my showering time.

ThingSpeak Shower Time Analysis with RFID and Arduino Ethernet

[via Paul Asselin]