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One Million ThingSpeak Channels!

Christopher Stapels, the product marketing manager for ThingSpeak, told me that we crossed ONE MILLION CHANNELS of IoT data on ThingSpeak. We have come along way over the years. The first channel that we created got the Channel ID of 1. We deleted the channel to test if the channel deletion feature works. Then, we created a second channel, sent data to it, cleared it, and deleted it. The oldest active ThingSpeak channel is Channel 3. It’s still collecting weather data from my parent’s house after 10 years. I never expected to see seven-digit channel ID numbers, like Channel 1018612 based in Oslo, Norway.

Thanks to all of our users who keep collecting data, adding devices, and analyzing data on ThingSpeak! This is a huge milestone more >>

Send Email Alerts from ThingSpeak

For this post, I would like to introduce Christopher Stapels as our guest blogger. Christopher builds lots of cool IoT projects and is omnipresent on MATLAB Central and ThingSpeak and MATLAB questions. He is also the product marketing manager for ThingSpeak and MATLAB hardware here at MathWorks. Welcome to the team!

ThingSpeak has added an alerts API to let you to send emails from your ThingSpeak account. Let me say that again… ThingSpeak now offers email alerts!

Use the new alerts API key to trigger emails and check the sent email history using MATLAB code or another HTTP client.  With MATLAB code in ThingSpeak, you can read and more >>

Collect and Visualize Agricultural Data using The Things Network and ThingSpeak

Long-range wireless communication technology enables the transfer of sensor data over a long distance while using low-power radios for connectivity. This technology can be leveraged to connect sensors covering a large geographic area and give you insights into what is happening. With agricultural applications it is important to measure the soil moisture and efficiently irrigate. A big challenge for agricultural applications is robust connectivity in remote locations. By using a combination of The Things Network and ThingSpeak insightful applications can be built. The Things Network is a protocol and infrastructure that provides a link to cloud applications using LoRaWAN® technology. If you are already a The Things Network user, check out the documentation about the ThingSpeak integration at The Things Network. more >>

Analyze and Visualize Air Quality Data with MATLAB

Have you ever wondered if the air around you is healthy? It is possible to understand air quality by using MATLAB to analyze air quality data collected by an air quality sensor on  ThingSpeak.

What is “healthy” air quality?

Good or moderate air quality is when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is 100 or less. AQI is a relative measurement of five common air pollutants: ground-level ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. A high AQI indicates a higher level of pollution and is considered unhealthy over 100.

Air Quality Sensors

We have installed a PurpleAir sensor at the MathWorks Apple Hill campus in Natick, MA. PurpleAir sensors use laser more >>

Predictive Maintenance: From Development to IoT Deployment

Interest in predictive maintenance is increasing as more and more companies see it as a key application for data analytics that leverages IoT systems. Branko Dijkstra, a technical consultant at MathWorks, held a talk at the MATLAB Conference and covers the development of predictive maintenance algorithms, as well as their deployment on the two main nodes of IoT systems—the edge and the cloud.

What do you expect from predictive maintenance? Maintenance cares about day-to-day operations – Reduced downtime Operations and IT look at the bigger picture – Improved operating efficiency Engineering groups get product feedback – Better customer experience Upper management wants to drive growth – New revenue more >>