Updating a Twitter Status using the ThingTweet App and ioBridge IO-204

Setup ThingTweet on ioBridge

  • Link a  Twitter user account to the ThingTweet App [Documentation, Tutorial]
  • Sign into ioBridge.com or ioBridgePro.com
  • Click Actions
  • Click Add Account
  • Select the ThingTweet account type and click Next
  • Enter the Twitter Account Label, the ThingTweet API Key, and click Add Account

Create an ioBridge Message Action

Once you have your ThingTweet API Key setup as a messaging account on the ioBridge interface, you can create one of three type of messaging actions:

  • Digital Input Message – Send a message associated with a digital state change
  • Analog Input Message – Send a message based on the analog value of a channel
  • Pulse Count Message – Send a message based on the pulse count of a channel

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  1. should’t the instructions under “setup thingtweet on ioBridge” be saying “Click Alert” instead of “click Action” ? it is confusing a bit

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