Mar 12

Cloud Robotics Hackathon

Last weekend was host to a 3-day Cloud Robotics Hackathon where teams around the world connected robots to cloud services such as MyRobots. If you were following the Facebook, Google+, and Twitter feeds, then you saw some amazing projects involving web services, iPads, robots of all kinds, wireless technologies, and connected together via the Internet.

TEAM LIGHTNINGBOTS, consisting of RobotGrrl and Marek, created a really interesting project that involved all sorts of technologies.

“We made a network of cheerleading robots for an educational math game that can post the scores on MyRobots, then display them on a robotic scoreboard.”

I loved how the project has a feedback loop with learning and the idea of leveling up. The “gamification” concept just got married with Cloud Robotics and the Internet of Things. Looked like a great weekend!

Cloud Robotics Hackathon - TEAM LIGHTNINGBOTS!

[via RobotGrrl Blog]

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